Hi! I’m Meg… I’m here to help you get MORE out of life!


In looking for a coach, you’ve already set yourself apart from the pack. Successful people, business leaders, innovators, visionaries, amazing parents – and yes, highly paid executives and professional athletes too – hire COACHES!

What they know is that coaching provides:

  •  A place to clarify values and find your True North so you can start living your life purpose
  • An opportunity for growth and success through meaningful conversations, clearly defined action steps, challenges and accountability
  • A safe place to dream and explore big life questions without judgment
  • Me in your corner – challenging you, cheering for you and helping you get More! out of life

More! With Meg is coaching for Life, Leadership, & More!

Are you already on the fast track to More!? Need a coach to help you stay on track and get to the next level?

Or, are you stuck in a rut, doing the daily grind – KNOWING there has to be More! to life than whatever it is you’ve created so far???

I love working with people who are willing to challenge the limits of what is, what’s been done, and what “they say” is possible. I work with people who want More! You are motivated and excited by limitless possibilities and the idea that we are all capable of so much More!

Whether you’ve already taken a big, juicy bite out of life, or barely nibbled, I’m excited to partner with you as you strive to get More! out of your personal or professional life.

“Meg uses both her gifted intuitive sense and a logical approach to help a person to zone in on what you didn’t know you were looking for but needed to find.”

– Patty, College Professor

If you could have More! of just one thing, what would it be?

More time? More financial security? More vision? More confidence? More peace of mind? More energy? More romance? More success?

What would that be worth to you?


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